Here are some quotes from a few of Dr. Dot's famous clients. You can see most of them in their original form in the Autographs section which is in the Stars section. There isn't enough room on this web site to list how many times people tell her "that was the best massage I have ever had".

"Heal my hands again Doctor" - Frank Zappa

"Dr. Dot gives the best massage in the world" - Sting

"Amazing hands" - Robert Plant

"Thanks for making me feel wonderful. Powerful massage" - Lauryn Hill

"You are damn strong for such a small woman" - The Undertaker (WWF)

"She eases the strain" - Henry Rollins

"Great for drummers" - Peter Criss

"If I could, I would have you massage me every day, all day. You rock!" - Courtney Love

"I love those hands!" - BoBo of Cypress Hill

"A really great massage!" - Bruce Willis

"Dr. Dot's 4 hands rules" - Ice-T

"The Best massage of my life!" - Sylvia singer of the Killer Barbies

"Bite me again Dr. Dot" - Bella B of Die Ärzte

"I really love your massage Dot" - Charlie Watts of The Rolling Stones

"Perfect Massage" - Ron Wood of the The Rolling Stones

"Thanks for fixin' my lumpy neck! AWESOME!" - Dime Bag of Pantera

"I have never felt so relaxed before" - Joe Strummer

"Thanks, I'm a new man!" - Lou Koller singer of Sick of it all

"Dot you rule with the strongest hands in showbiz" - Josh of Queens of The Stone Age

"Great massage" - Cindy Blackman drums for Lenny Kravitz

"I love your hands!" - Maxi Jazz of Faithless

"OOH, AHHH, EEEEE, OOOO, AAHHHHHH" - Johnny 5 of Marylin Manson

"What a relief!" - Debby Harry

"Can we bring your hands on tour with us?" - Justin Timberlake (at age 16)

"Dot kicked my ass!" - Proof (of D-12 and Eminem)

"I LOVE your hands Dot" - Paul Stanley of KISS

"That was an amazing massage" - Vin Diesel

"First massage of my life, I am now a fan" - Gene Simmons of KISS

"Lovely touch" - Mark Knopfler

"I feel like a new woman after that massage Dot" - Sheryl Crow

"Awesome foot rub!" - Marky Ramone

"Thanks for healing us man. Peace" - Carlos Santana

"Dot's massage was the only thing that kept me going and going" - Sean, singer of Audioweb

"Your massage brought me back to life, you healed me baby!" - R. Kelly

"I love your massage Dot" - Eros Ramazotti

"Hands of STEEL" - Dave Navarro

"I remember it was very quiet, music playing on a boom box, the lights down low," he told The Associated Press. "She was very professional. She also didn't talk a lot, which I particularly liked."  - Gene Simmons of KISS

"Thanks a million, I feel great!" - Mariah Carey

"That was HOT!" - Paris Hilton

"Thanks for being cool and a fuckin' wonderful masseuse!" - Phil of Motorhead